We are local government professionals who understand the challenges confronting leaders and managers. In the face of staff turnover, state and federal mandates, constrained budgets, and increased expectations, you may wonder, how can you do more for your community?

Government is changing.

Are you ready?

The Auxiliary Town Hall is your support service that helps you manage daily workloads, plan tomorrow’s needs, and bring an objective local government perspective to make it happen.  The Berkley Group is a team of seasoned professionals who have served in a variety of local government positions. We can provide you with either on or off-site support and tailor it specifically to your organizational needs.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Planning & Zoning

  • Public Works

  • Program Admin / Management

  • Stormwater Assistance

  • Floodplain Management

  • Resiliency / Sustainability


This contract staffing model is used successfully in many other states, but is unique to Virginia with regard to these levels of service.  Attorneys, engineers, and other professional services often use this model but planning, public works, and other government administration positions are traditionally full or part-time, in-house staff.   

An innovative service that redefines how work gets done.

  • Cumberland County

  • Town of Dumfries

  • Essex County

  • Greensville County

  • Town of Haymarket

  • Highland County

  • King William County

  • City of Lexington

  • City of Manassas Park

  • Town of Mount Jackson

  • Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission

  • Northampton County

  • Page County

  • Prince William County

  • Richmond County

  • Town of Round Hill

  • Sussex County

  • Town of Warsaw