Leadership change happens.  How will your locality respond?

Attracting qualified candidates for an executive level position is, in many ways, the easiest part of filling a vacancy.  The more difficult task is determining how well a candidate will work with the governing body and with others to achieve the community's vision and priorities.

All communities face the challenge of filling a leadership gap. The Berkley Group can make this time of change productive. Our Executive Transition Assistance Program provides an array of services tailored to smoothly guide a locality through this interim leadership period. We offer experience, discernment, assessment, and focused recommendations based on your locality’s needs. Our qualified staff can serve as acting manager, provide guidance through the hiring process, and provide the governing body with a roadmap that will result in improved efficiencies and customer service for the new manager.


Localities across the Commonwealth cope with how to most effectively replace their chief administrator (executive or manager). Our staff provides the right tools, personnel, and experience for this transitional leadership position.

The Executive Transition Assistance Program suite of services:



On-Site Management:

The Berkley Group contracts with the locality to place a qualified and seasoned person to serve in the chief administrator's role and be on-site handling day-to-day operations, as well as facilitating staff efforts toward achieving the governing body's policies and objectives during the interim period. The locality determines the amount of on-site presence based on its needs.



​Hiring Assistance:

Leadership positions attract many qualified candidates. Matching the lead candidates with the culture of the organization is essential. Berkley helps with this elusive, but key factor in making a decision. The Berkley Group can assist with the development of the position description and qualifications, advertise the leadership position, analyze and vet applications, and assist with the interview process to provide valuable, neutral input.



Organizational Assessment:

The Berkley Group performs a strategic assessment of the organization to evaluate what is working well and areas that can be improved. This comprehensive review provides a roadmap for the governing body and new chief administrator enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively to achieve local priorities and objectives. The assessment occurs in five steps: review, map, identify, evaluate, improve.

Executive Transition Assistance Staff

L. Kimball Payne, III

Executive Manager

James J.L. Stegmaier

Executive Manager

Kenneth F. Vittum

Executive Manager

Joseph S. Paxton

Executive Manager

Daniel E. Taber

Executive Manager

Clarence C. Monday

Executive Manager

Margaret head shot cropped.jpg
Margaret M. Schmitt

Human Resources Executive Manager

M. Gene Swearingen

In Memoriam

Executive Manager

James P. Zook

Executive Manager

Peter M. Huber

Executive Manager

Sanford B. Wanner

Executive Manager

Bart Nuckols_edited.jpg
Bart S. Nuckols

Executive Manager

Maxie Brown.jpg
Maxie Brown

Executive Manager

Beth McDaniel .jpg
Beth S. McDaniel

Human Resources Specialist

Larry Hughes_edited.jpg
Larry Hughes

Executive Manager


Executive Manager

Celeste Greene, EQ-i
Karen Edmonds.jpg
Karen A. Edmonds

Executive Manager

Jim Allmendinger_edited.jpg
Jim Allmendinger

Executive Manager

Darla Orr.jpg
Darla Orr

Executive Manager

Tedd Povar.jpg
Tedd E. Povar

Executive Manager

Beverly Walkup

Executive Manager

Eric J. Salemi

Director of Public Safety

E. Thomas Hicks, IV

Public Safety Executive Manager

Michael Carter.jpg
Michael L. Carter

Executive Manager

Jackson C. Tuttle, II

Executive Manager

  • Town of Abingdon

  • Albemarle County Service Authority

  • Town of Altavista

  • Town of Amherst

  • Town of Blacksburg

  • Central Virginia PDC

  • Charlotte County

  • City of Danville

  • Town of Dayton

  • City of Emporia

  • Town of Farmville

  • City of Franklin

  • City of Fredericksburg

  • City of Galax

  • Greene County

  • Greensville County

  • Town of Grottoes

  • Halifax County IDA

  • Hanover County

  • King George County

  • King William County

  • City of Lexington

  • Town of Lovettsville

  • Middle River Regional Jail

  • Town of Mount Jackson

  • City of Petersburg

  • Pulaski County

  • Town of Pulaski

  • Town of Smithfield

  • Surry County

  • Sussex County

  • Warren County

  • Town of Windsor