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Michael L. Carter

Executive Manager

After graduating from Bluefield College in 1994, Michael started his professional career in Virginia local government with Smyth County in 1995.  In total, Michael spent a total of 25 years within the framework of local government in Virginia, making several career advancements along the way.  His vast experience of positions held while at Smyth County include Recycling Coordinator, Solid Waste Manager, Public Works Director, Assistant County Administrator and County Administrator for his last 10 years in Virginia local government.


 At the beginning of 2020, Michael found himself becoming the next County Manager for Alleghany County, North Carolina where he has familiarized himself with the ways in which local government is applied and implemented in North Carolina.  Michael’s vast experience over the past 26 years provides for competent, reliable knowledge and experience in every essentially every component of local government.

Fields of specialty include Administration, Budgeting, Economic Development, Emergency Management, Public Utilities, Infrastructure, Buildings and Grounds Management and Contract Oversight.

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