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Zoning & Floodplain Ordinances

Town of Mount Jackson 

Mount Jackson is a historic, 3.8 square mile town located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. The Berkley Group performed a comprehensive review and update of Mount Jackson’s Zoning and Floodplain Ordinances, focused on creating streamlined ordinances that comply with state-level regulations and the goals and vision of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. The ordinance update included restructuring and the addition of tables and illustrations to improve clarity and ease of interpretation. The adopted code modernizes the Town’s zoning definitions and confronts contemporary issues, such as short-term rentals, food trucks, and signs. The improved ordinance also addresses use and design considerations appropriate for a historic and rural town, including mixed uses, building height, accessory structures, and parking reductions to encourage infill development. The Berkley Group collaborated with the town ordinance committee to ensure cohesion with other town ordinances and the fulfillment of community needs. The ordinance was adopted in June 2020.

Zoning Ordinance & Floodplain Ordinances

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