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Celebrating & Honoring Juneteenth

What does Juneteenth mean to me?

Today, we celebrate Juneteenth. Juneteenth is a new national holiday in America, commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The name "Juneteenth" combines the month of June and the date nineteenth, which marked the day in 1865 when Union Soldiers rode into Galveston, Texas, announcing the end of the Civil War; however, all enslaved people in America were not freed until December 6, 1865.

This year, we asked Dr. Lydia Pettis Patton, Executive Manager, to share what this holiday means to her.

"The Juneteenth Holiday, for me, embodies a sense of pride and heritage. A day filled with remembrances and celebration of my Ancestors, who I never knew, but their existence is pertinent to American history. My resolve as an African American woman exemplifies my strength, courage, discipline, drive, and determination, which I inherited from my African ancestors.

As a member of the Berkley Team, I encourage my colleagues to make Juneteenth a new household tradition by discovering the rich history of African Americans and the timeless contributions made through my enslaved ancestors that continue to impact our nation today."

- Dr. Lydia Pettis Patton


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