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Did you know?


DID YOU KNOW the Berkley Group's Maxie Brown served as the Interim Planning Director for the City of Colonial Heights ?

"Over the past 14 months, I have spent 2+ days per week assisting Colonial Heights as their Interim Planning Director. I enjoyed working in this little City in a big way! The City staff were super supportive. One of the big projects I worked on was the Southpark Mall Redevelopment Project. This project involved an application for a special exception permit to allow for multi-family apartments to be located at the site of the former Sears Building. This project is currently on hold but I believe something will happen there in the future that will work out well for the City and the Mall property. I was also delighted to assist in site plan/subdivision review of several new hotels, new restaurants, new car washes along the boulevard and a host of other new development opportunities. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the City of Colonial Heights and its citizens!"

-Maxie Brown, Executive Manager

Prior to leaving her interim position, Maxie received an appreciation luncheon and was awarded a Coin of Appreciation from the City. For more information on the Berkley Group's Auxiliary Town Hall (virtual and on-site contract support) program please contact us at

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