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Environmental Justice and Resiliency in the Age of Uncertainty

The Berkley Group's Celeste Murphy-Greene, Ph.D., MPA, Executive Manager, is the lead author on the soon-to-be published book, "Environmental Justice and Resiliency in an Age of Uncertainty."

This book examines the issue of environmental justice across eleven short chapters, with the aim of creating a resilient society. Starting with a history of the environmental justice movement the book then moves on to focus on various current environmental issues, analyzing how these issues impact low-income and minority. The book will be of interest to upper level undergraduate and graduate students studying race relations, environmental politics and policy, sustainability, and social justice. It will also appeal to practitioners working at all levels of government, and anyone with an interest in environmental issues, racial justice, and the construction of resilient communities.

If you are interested in learning more about environmental justice and ways to build more resilient communities, pre-order this book today with the 20% discount flyer below. The publication date is June 6th.


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