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The Town of Windsor Receives DHCD Grant Funds

In 2019, the Town of Windsor received a community organizing pre-planning grant from DHCD. Shortly after receiving the grant, the Town experienced significant staff turnover and needed interim assistance. The Berkley Group’s Maxie Brown, Executive Manager, was already providing support as the Interim Planning & Zoning Administrator. To assist the Town, she stepped in to administer and manage the grant.

At the time, community engagements, block parties and community events were cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Maxie worked closely with DHCD to revise the grant to include a facilitated planning session, project coordination, community outreach activities and community meetings. Through these efforts, the Town of Windsor successfully developed a community strategic planning document and was approved for the full $10,000 in DHCD grant funds.

Congratulations to the Town of Windsor on their new strategic plan and $10,000 in DHCD grant funds!


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