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Molly Ward

Executive Manager

Molly has worked for over twenty years in various municipal, state and federal roles but her first love has always been local government. She has served multiple terms as Treasurer for the City of Hampton and was elected city wide for 2 terms as mayor. She resigned as mayor to accept an appointment from President Obama to be Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House and then was called on by Governor McAuliffe to serve as his Secretary of Natural Resources. In her service at all levels of government she has approached her work in bipartisan manner with a core belief that a public servant is responsible to every constituent regardless of political affiliation.


Molly’s work as a core member of Hampton’s revenue and budgeting team combined with her experience in leadership as an elected official on city council give her a unique insight into how local government works. Her service as Secretary of Natural Resources broadened her understanding of how state and federal laws and regulations impact localities.


Molly is a graduate of the University of Virginia and William and Mary Law School and spent over fifteen years in private practice before joining the public sector. She is an active member of the Virginia State Bar.

Molly Ward
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