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Mixed-Use Zoning Ordinance

Text Amendment Report

Town of Warrenton

In December 2020, the Town of Warrenton began the process of amending its Zoning Ordinance to reduce regulatory barriers to mixed-use development in existing commercial zoning districts, while also undergoing the final stages of adopting the most recent Comprehensive Plan, Plan Warrenton 2040. The zoning text amendment is considered a first step in implementing the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, adopted on April 13, 2021, and supports Warrenton’s goals for commercial revitalization, walkability, and housing affordability, among others.

The Berkley Group was enlisted to prepare a report and accompanying buildout analysis of three selected sites in the Town of Warrenton. The report consisted of mixed-use zoning best practices research based on American Planning Association and Congress for New Urbanism Journals and studies; benchmark community research to discover precedent code language; as well as a robust narrative of findings and suggested enhancements for Warrenton’s zoning text amendment. The buildout process included mapping of the site; determination of existing commercial square footage; calculation of site setbacks; and a generalized calculation of parking and access area. These figures were then used to estimate maximum dwelling units for each site, paired with conceptual map diagrams of potential siting of new mixed-use development.

The final report was used as a learning and visual aid for Warrenton staff during presentations and public hearings with Planning Commission and Town Council.

The Warrenton Mixed-Use Zoning Report was completed in July 2021.

Tools & Skills


  • Site Buildout

  • Code Research

  • GIS and Mapping

  • Adobe InDesign & Illustrator

  • Precedent Community Research

  • Planning and Zoning Best Practices Research

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