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Berkley Group Executive Manager Pete Huber Named Amherst’s Interim Town Manager

We are excited to be assisting the Town of Amherst during their executive vacancy! The Town suddenly found its top manager position open after 25 years when Jack Hobbs submitted his resignation as Town Manager. The Town Council decided to tackle this challenge with an innovative approach and enlisted our help through the Berkley Group Executive Transition Assistance (ETA) Program. Under that program, Amherst contracted Executive Manager Peter Huber to serve as interim Town Manager while the Town searches for a full-time replacement.

There are few top executives or managers available who can replace such experience in a pinch and handle the stresses and uncertainties which arise during a transition period. The Town chose Pete from our lineup of seasoned executive managers and felt he was the best fit to keep the Town running smoothly during this transitional period. Pete brings over 30 years of local government experience having most recently served as the Pulaski County Administrator for nearly 17 years. We look forward to this opportunity to partner with the Town of Amherst and believe Pete’s presence will really benefit the Town during its leadership transition!

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