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City of Portsmouth Zoning Ordinance Overhaul

What is the best zoning ordinance? Euclidean? Form-based? Overlays? The best zoning ordinance is the one that works for your locality; that fits the uniqueness of the place, and makes the community's vision for its future come to life.

The Berkley Group is working with the City of Portsmouth on a complete renovation of the City's Zoning Ordinance. As a part of the Hampton Roads region, and with significant water frontage and military infrastructure, Portsmouth presents unique opportunities, yet hasn't experienced the same downtown renaissance as nearby Norfolk.

One major hurdle has been two complex form-based zoning districts for the City's core Downtown and Uptown neighborhoods, one based on transects, and the other on street frontages. Both prescribe uses, site planning, and architecture in great detail. Neither has captured the attention or investment of the development industry.

The Berkley Group is working closely with local staff to craft a zoning ordinance that is streamlined, intuitive, simple, and most importantly, that allows property owners to work with the City instead of against it to accomplish a shared vision for Portsmouth's future.

How can we help make your zoning ordinance work for you?

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