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Getting to the Heart of the Matter: What Can I Do to Make a Difference?

There are so many “best practices” in community development out there. They might be theoretical, empirical, tried and true, or new and innovative. You can find them for planners, engineers, scientists, geologists, and others. Sometimes, to compile the ever growing list of best practices, we call them “sustainable,” a term that inevitably sparks debate over its meaning and implications.

What if we kept it simple? If we hit the highlights – the best practices that have the greatest potential for making a difference. What if we only had one day to point you to the best practices in urban planning, transportation, water, energy, and buildings?

That’s our goal. We will summarize the top best practices that you can learn today and start implementing tomorrow to make a difference in your community.

Working with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the World Bank, and a panel of sustainable infrastructure experts, we developed an outline for a one day course on industry best practices and resources. We discussed procurement of individual projects, contracting for design, construction, and operations and maintenance, project and program management, and performance tracking. We will use this information to develop a training course for practitioners to incorporate sustainable practices into infrastructure development. Our first training will be in Cartagena, Colombia in October.

We are honored to be teaming with ASCE, the World Bank, LA Metro, HDR, CMS Energy, Burns and McDonnell, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, JCI Industries, Texas A&M, and Virginia Tech on this project.

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