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Deltaville Multi-Modal Transportation Project

The Berkley Group is supporting Middlesex County with an application to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to receive funding (Transportation Alternative Grant) for a multi-modal transportation project that has been proposed near the Town of Deltaville. This project’s goal is to build a safe, alternative mode of transportation to parallel Route 33 and connect some of the major marinas in the area with the businesses, restaurants, and retail stores in Deltaville.

Deltaville is a small unincorporated town on the eastern tip of Middlesex County known for being a vacation and tourist destination for those looking to sail, fish, camp, and participate in other activities related to water or the outdoors. The town has been coined by the Middlesex County Board of Supervisors as “The Boating Capital of the Chesapeake Bay.” The resident population of 1,119 swells during the summer months due to the town’s proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, Rappahannock River, and Piankatank River. Deltaville offers access to the water in a rural, family-friendly setting.

The proposed pedestrian and bicycle trail will stretch along Route 33 for about 3.5 miles from the Deltaville Market to the entrance of Stingray Point Marina, diverging slightly to connect with the Deltaville Maritime Museum. Many marinas and attractions will be connected by the multi-use path: Stingray Point Marina, Norview Marina, J & M Marina, Dozier Yachting Center, Deltaville Community Center, Deltaville Market, Deltaville Yachting Center & Chesapeake Yacht Sales, and Chesapeake Cove Marina. The trail will be developed in two phases. • Phase I is the segment of Route 33 between Stingray Point Marina and the Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue Squad building. This multi-use path will deviate slightly, crossing Jackson Creek, to connect with the Deltaville Maritime Museum. The path will be 10 to 12 feet in width and carry 2 directions of bicycle/pedestrian traffic. The path will be physically separated from the roadway by at least 5 feet, include a graded area of 2 feet on either side, and have 3 feet of clearance to lateral objects such as signposts, lights, and trees. • Phase II is the segment of Route 33 between the Middlesex County Volunteer Rescue Squad Building and the Deltaville Market. This segment of Route 33 is wide enough to accommodate a bicycle or sharrow lane on the existing pavement. This segment has some lengths of existing sidewalk, however, there are some gaps in the sidewalk, and it is does not extend to all the businesses located in the western portion of Deltaville. Therefore, the other main goal of Phase II is to make the sidewalk continuous and extend it to connect with the Deltaville Market. The Deltaville Market is one of the only grocery stores in the area and, consequently, an important asset to be served by all modes of transportation.

The Middlesex County comprehensive plan and budget indicate support for promoting non-motorized transportation options. The county plans on securing additional funding as needed to develop the proposed pedestrian and bicycle trail for the Deltaville area residents and visitors. We are honored to support them in planning and grant support for this project that diversifies transportation options, promotes active lifestyles, compliments the local rural character, and strengthens community connectivity for economic resilience.

If you’d like to learn more about locally-appropriate services we can provide your community, please contact Darren Coffey ( What doors, or trails, can we open for you?

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