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Albemarle County Community Development Fee Schedule

The Berkley Group has completed work on a community development schedule of fees for Albemarle County. This schedule compiles all Community Development fees from the County Code’s Chapter 3-Agricultural and Forestal Districts, Chapter 5-Building Regulations, Chapter 7-Health and Safety, Chapter 14-Subdivision of Land, Chapter 17-Water Protection, and Chapter 18-Zoning, into one easily accessible and readable matrix into Chapter 1-General Provisions of the Albemarle County Code. This new schedule of fees also simplified and consolidated fees where possible to enhance clarity and allow for easier usability for community members and County staff.

In support of the County’s efforts for this project, the Berkley Group created this new schedule of fees based on peer locality benchmarking and current industry best practice research, all while maintaining a degree of revenue neutrality so as to not increase or decrease fees throughout the project. This process allowed the Berkley Group, with the help of County staff, to create a brand-new fee schedule for Albemarle County that allows them to maintain their innovative and competitive practices alongside their peers.

The fee schedule was adopted on December 6, 2023.


The project includes:

·        Peer Community Benchmark Research

·        Industry Best Practice Research

·        Community Engagement – Stakeholder Meetings, Online Community Survey

·        Fee Consolidation and Simplification

·        Creation of Fee Schedule Structure

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