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Albemarle County Phase 1 Zoning Ordinance Update

Albemarle County enlisted the Berkley Group for a substantial update to the County’s Zoning Ordinance, to better reflect the changing nature of the County. This project includes multiple phases and is expected to continue until the year 2025. Phase 1 of the project has focused on zoning district land use terms/definitions and setback regulations.

During Phase 1 of the project, the current land use terms, definitions, and setbacks have been analyzed. The Berkley Group identified necessary changes to allow for broadened and modern uses that align with current planning standards and best planning practices. Additionally, the Berkley Group has recommended changes to current setback regulations based on industry research from selected benchmark localities.

Compiled deliverables for Phase 1 of the project included a diagnostic report detailing the extent of the project and the recommendations for simplified setback standards, streamlined use matrix, and modernized use definitions.

The project continues with upcoming phases focusing on design standards (lighting, landscaping, entrance corridors, and historic preservation); street standards; development process efficiencies, and zoning district changes.

The project included:

  • Staff meetings

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Overview of existing conditions

  • Best practices research

  • Benchmarking research

  • Recommended changes


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