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Annaburg Park Master Plan

“There has been enormous community support for the acquisition and restoration of the Annaburg historic site. Berkley Group has helped the City engage with the community, despite the challenges of COVID, and prepared a draft master plan for the park that has received overwhelmingly positive comments. This level of support through sound community planning will allow the City to move quickly into the next phase of restoration and park improvements that will ultimately create a beautiful and vibrant addition to the Manassas park system.”

- Matt Arcieri, AICP, Director of Planning and Development

In 2018, the City of Manassas purchased the historic Annaburg Estate and committed to preserving the architectural icon and important piece of community history. In the City’s mission to protect the space and restore it to its original recreational uses, Berkley Group worked with Land Planning and Design Associates and the City of Manassas to develop a comprehensive vision for Annaburg Park. The final concept strikes a careful balance between the historic integrity and restoration of the original property and the integration of flexible outdoor community space.

The amenities and programming ideas presented in the Annaburg Park Master Plan are the result of extensive community input, amenity and needs assessments, and rehabilitation considerations. The final Master Plan Concept is the result of a comprehensive planning process conducted with guidance and input from citizens of Manassas, City of Manassas staff, and the Annaburg Master Plan Task Force.

Finalizing the master plan as Manassas emerges out of the challenges of the global pandemic is the ultimate symbolism for the community unity and regeneration this park represents. The result is a master park vision that is overwhelmingly supported by Manassas residents and leaders. The modern document design is highly visual and conversational. It guides the reader seamlessly through the history of Annaburg into its future, utilizing historic photos, concept designs and precedent imagery throughout. The community has already begun the restoration process and looks forward to its completion.

The Annaburg Park Master Plan was finalized in July 2021. For more information on the Annaburg project, site history, and next steps, visit the Annaburg Master Plan project webpage.


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