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Community Engagement for the City of Petersburg's Comprehensive Plan

Earlier this month, the Berkley Group had a day full of community engagement to receive feedback on the City of Petersburg’s draft Comprehensive Plan! Berkley Group, the City, and Petersburg City Public Schools teamed up to engage high school students in interactive activities related to the Comprehensive Plan. Activities included reviewing goals and strategies, mapping routes to school as a way of thinking about transportation needs, and creating their own Future Land Use Maps for Petersburg.

Berkley Group also held an Open House – open to the whole community – in conjunction with the Petersburg Area Art League’s Friday for the Arts reception. The Open House consisted of a brief presentation and interactive boards where attendees could provide feedback on goal statements and key strategies.

We are looking forward to presenting the community’s feedback to City Council and the Planning Commission in February!

To learn more about Petersburg’s Comprehensive Plan update, check out the project website here 👉


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