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Experiences in Planning, Regulating, and Permitting Utility-Scale Solar Facilities

Please join the Berkley Group in a webinar on "Experiences in Planning, Regulating, and Permitting Utility -Scale Solar Facilities," hosted by the Renewable Energy Working Group on October 27, 2022.

The development of utility-scale solar facilities has increased significantly in the last 5 years. Whereas large (~1,000 acre) facilities were formerly more likely found in western states on unforested sites with consistent topography, they are now being developed throughout the country on more complicated forested and agricultural land with more value (and thus potential threat) to ecosystems and biodiversity. The session will focus on the experiences of The Berkley Group in assisting local governments with this relatively new land use. Staff from The Berkley Group will discuss the importance of planning and establishing policies for utility-scale solar facilities, developing specific standards for the use, and using best practices for conducting permit reviews of projects, as well as how the relationship and impacts of this use on wildlife and natural resources influences and affects these activities.


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