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Historic Overlay District Design Guidelines Update

Manassas, Virginia

This month, our team had the pleasure of kicking off an historic overlay guidelines update for the City of Manassas. In this ongoing project, the planning team brings preservation and design expertise to the community and will work closely with City staff to reorganize, clarify and expand the existing guidelines for improved ease of use and adaptability with modern preservation challenges.

The planning team has already conducted extensive best practices research, toured the historic district, and facilitated work sessions with City staff and the Architectural Review Board. The final guidelines update will be the result of a careful comprehensive planning process guided by the Berkley Group and involving City of Manassas staff, Architectural Review Board and residents.

Although the final Historic Overlay District Design Guidelines will not be completed until February, 2022, the Berkley Group is confident and enthusiastic to deliver a modern and functional guide for the community to further historic preservation priorities in Manassas.

The Berkley Group’s historic preservation services include historic site research for planning and grants, Historic Preservation Plans, Historic Overlay Zoning, and Historic District Design Guidelines. What doors can we open for you?


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