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There is no place like home

Sussex County Auxiliary Town Hall Program

On February 24, 2016, portions of Sussex County were impacted by a tornado that stretched between the towns of Waverly and Wakefield. The direct storm path was over 5 miles long, causing 9 miles of wind damage. The tornado destroyed homes and disrupted the lives of Sussex County citizens.

Following the aftermath, the County applied for an Urgent Need Regional Grant to assist impacted residents with demolition, clearance, and housing rehabilitation services. The County was awarded the grant and significant housing rehabilitation efforts were able to begin. In 2020, recovery efforts were nearly halted due to COVID-19. One family was caught in the process - moving from their home to allow for demolition - when project efforts stalled.

The Berkley Group's Beverly Walkup and Michael Poarch provide onsite planning and zoning services to Sussex County through our Auxiliary Town Hall Program. Our staff have been continuing the County's recovery efforts and closely monitoring the family's situation so that they can return to their home as soon as possible. We are happy to announce that on August 20, 2021, the family was given keys to their new home. This work reminds us of the reason we work with local governments - because they have the greatest impact on citizen lives.

The Berkley Group's Auxiliary Town Hall program helps manage the County's daily workload with the experience of seasoned professionals and the support of our whole firm. For more information on the Auxiliary Town Hall program please contact us at What doors can we open for you?


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