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Updating the King George County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances

The Berkley Group is thrilled to have recently started working with the County of King George to update their Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.

On September 15th, we had the opportunity to kick off the project with public officials, setting our course for the 24-month project. The update will include robust public engagement, bi-monthly meetings with Planning Commission to review drafts, and supportive checklists and guidance sheets as after-adoption deliverables.

In the past month, the Berkley Group has completed the first public engagement phase. Two in-person public workshops were held as an opportunity for community members to share their opinions about existing land uses and desires for future development in the County. In addition to public workshops, stakeholder listening sessions were held to get insight from community members who have a familiarity with the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. This provided the chance to discuss the strengths and challenges of the existing ordinances with those that are most familiar. A survey was available for the entire month, both through on online platform and paper surveys. Thanks to the County’s use social media pushes and public event handouts, the survey garnered 572 total responses!

While the public engagement results show a full spectrum of responses, there are many running themes that are evident as priorities for the community. Priorities include preservation of King George County’s rural character, inclusion of landscaping and screening for commercial areas, a variety of housing options, increased recreational opportunities, and commercial growth – particularly local and small businesses. Drafting work sessions will get underway in the new year and a second phase of public engagement will occur in Spring of 2023. Subsequently, the ordinances will be refined and move into the adoption phase in Summer of 2023.

After adoption, King George County will have a product that – in a user-friendly way – implements their newly adopted Comprehensive Plan, answers the desires of the community, and is compliant with the Code of Virginia. We look forward to working with the County on this update to usher in positive change.

For more information on the King George County ordinance(s) update, visit the King George County website.


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