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Updating the Town of Crewe Comprehensive Plan

Over the past 11 months, the Berkley Group has been working with the Town of Crewe to update their Comprehensive Plan. We've been walking about the Town, engaging the local community through a public workshop and a public survey, and holding joint work sessions with the Planning Commission and Town Council to draft chapters of the Comprehensive Plan - Crewe 2042. It's been clear from the beginning that the Town of Crewe has a unique history and strong foundation for future growth and prosperity. The Town’s vibrant railroad past, charming downtown, historic architecture, and well-established neighborhoods are all discussed in the plan with elemental chapters including, Natural and Historic Resources, Community Facilities and Infrastructure, Housing, Economy and Business, Transportation and Mobility, Land Use, and Implementation.

The Berkley Group just held an Open House for the Town of Crewe on their drafted Comprehensive Plan, Crewe 2042. The Open House consisted of a short presentation highlighting the major elements and strategies of the Plan; time for citizens to review informational boards and ask questions; and an exit survey for any formal comments and edit requests. The Plan is now under VDOT review to ensure Chapter 729 compliance. After the review is complete, the Berkley Group will work with the Planning Commission and Town Council to incorporate any final edits before moving to public hearing.

Crewe 2042 is currently scheduled for public hearing in June 2022.

For more information on the Comprehensive Plan update, please visit the Town of Crewe website.

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