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Beverly Walkup

Planning Director Sussex County

Beverly Walkup is a retired Director of Planning and Zoning, having spent 32 years of service with Isle of Wight County Virginia, including 12 years as Director.  Ms. Walkup has a B. S. degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and brings substantial knowledge and experience in land development practices and processes.  Specifically, Ms. Walkup's experience includes administering local land development regulations, and writing, implementing and fine-tuning Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance regulations to meet Community needs.  During her tenure with Isle of Wight, Ms. Walkup was responsible for developing and implementing public policy addressing the locality's overall land use goals and objectives, including several reviews and updates to the Comprehensive Plan, drafting the County's Economic Development Incentive policy, a Workforce Housing Study, small-area plans and transportation corridor studies, as well as managing the day-to-day duties of central permitting and the processing of minor and major land development projects.  Under Beverly's management, the County received the Governor's Housing Award for Best Housing Revitalization Effort for a Community Development Block Grant Project. 


Since retirement, Ms. Walkup has worked as a consultant assisting various land development companies in gaining approval for major land use development projects and provided employee transition assistance to the City of Hopewell and Sussex County.

Beverly Walkup
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