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Tedd E. Povar

Executive Manager

Tedd Povar was the associate director of the Virginia Institute of Government from 1996 to 2019.  A former city manager in Virginia and Florida, Tedd's primary responsibility was satisfying the Institute's "technical assistance" core function.  Starting in 1997, he created and ran the Email Broadcast Information Service, commonly known as "EBIS", a simple but highly effective way for member localities to get information and assistance from other localities across the state.  This popular service addressed over 4,000 separate topics since its inception. In addition to constant oversight of EBIS, Tedd managed the Institute's on-line compensation survey system (CSS), and handled member support administration and other assignments for the Virginia Local Government Management Association. His position's list of "other responsibilities" was long and varied, primarily focused on a wide range of requests from local government administrators and staff, and other local and state agencies.

Tedd is a graduate of Lake Forest College (BA in Political Science) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (MPA).  He worked for 20 years in city management prior to joining the Institute.

Tedd E. Povar
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