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Dinwiddie Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Dinwiddie County

The Berkley Group worked with Dinwiddie County to update its Comprehensive Plan. Located in the Richmond metropolitan region, the County has a population of around 28,000 and boasts a rich Civil War history, beautiful rural and agricultural landscapes, a rapidly emerging manufacturing economy, and easy access to some of the Southeast’s major markets including Virginia Beach, Washington, D.C., and Raleigh, NC.  Dinwiddie County’s Comprehensive Plan, Dinwiddie Forward, seeks to identify the balance between encouraging future residential, commercial, and industrial development and improving quality of life amenities while preserving rural character and agriculture. Through this project, the Berkley Group has helped Dinwiddie County inventory existing conditions, identify key issues and opportunities for growth, and prioritize transformative solutions to citizens’ most pressing concerns. The Berkley Group has worked with the County to include a unique, visual approach to demographic information to better tell the County’s story, as well as chapters specifically highlighting the rich historical and cultural resources the County has to offer.

The project includes:

  • Community Engagement - Online Survey, Stakeholder Meetings, Community Workshops 

  • Demographic Analysis

  • GIS Mapping & Analysis of Land Use, Transportation, and Community Resources

  • Chapter drafting and development

  • Specific Implementation Strategies


 The Comprehensive Plan was adopted September 2023.  

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