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Greensville County 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Greensville County

Greensville County's 2040 Comprehensive Plan was adopted in March 2023. The plan takes advantage of Greensville County’s central location along Interstate 95 to encourage strong economic growth while maintaining its rural character and improving upon the quality of life for all residents. The plan highlights all of the important aspects of the County that have helped make it what it is today and identified meaningful strategies to maintain those characteristics while facilitating appropriate growth. Through this project, the Berkley Group has helped Greensville inventory existing conditions, highlight its assets, tell its story, and prioritize transformative solutions to citizen’s most pressing concerns. In addition to conducting a diagnostic analysis and community engagement, the Berkley Group has developed graphic baseline profiles for each chapter and offered creative strategies to preserve rural character and environment quality.

The project included:

  • Comprehensive Plan Diagnostic

  • Community Engagement - Online Survey, Community Workshops

  • Demographic Analysis

  • GIS Mapping & Analysis of Land Use, Transportation, and Community Resources

  • Chapter Drafting and Development

  • Specific Implementation Strategies

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