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Lexington 2040 Comprehensive Plan

City of Lexington

The Lexington 2040 Comprehensive Plan defines a vision for the City of Lexington, Virginia, that acknowledges a difficult past while building an inclusive and progressive path forward.   Organized around a series of five planning affordability, fiscal sustainability, alternative transportation, and governance. The policies and strategies in the plan are a result of an extensive and collaborative planning effort that included input from the citizens of Lexington, the insight of focus groups and community experts, the guidance of the City’s Planning Commission, and facilitation by the Berkley Group. The development of a plan addressing such weighty and complex issues required understanding, sensitivity, and depth of knowledge. Developing a plan during the onset of a global pandemic and nation-wide social unrest required creativity and the skillful use of virtual engagement platforms to ensure the planning process continued to be fair, open, and accessible to all of Lexington’s residents. The result is a plan that was adopted with overwhelming community support. The document itself was designed as a 21st century planning tool, using maps, graphics, and links to make the content easily understood and accessible to a variety of audiences. Lexington 2040 is a modern comprehensive plan, developed for a historic community, looking to create a more resilient and equitable future. The plan was adopted in Fall 2020.


Tools & Skills

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Public Outreach & Virtual Engagement

  • GIS & Mapping

  • Land Use & Housing Analysis

  • Data Analysis

  • Adobe InDesign & Illustrator


Key Themes

  • Equity & Justice

  • Climate Change

  • Housing Affordability

  • Placemaking

  • Long Range Planning

Please find the 2040 Lexington Comprehensive Plan here

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