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Your Northampton County 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Northampton County

The Berkley Group worked with Northampton County to update their Comprehensive Plan. Northampton is a rural and ecologically unique community located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The County boasts working waterfronts, charming towns, and agriculture, aquaculture, and tourism industries reliant on the area’s abundant natural resources. The challenge of the comprehensive plan is to protect these resources, while creating a more prosperous and resilient community. The plan addresses complex challenges of infrastructure, housing affordability, social equity, climate change adaptation, and hazard mitigation, among others. The project includes a diagnostic of the existing Comprehensive Plan to ensure compliance with the Code of Virginia and Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act requirements;  extensive community input, including multiple public workshops, stakeholder interviews, and a community survey provided in two languages;  technical mapping and analysis to target development areas while protecting natural resources; coordination with VDOT to ensure Chapter 729 compliance; and streamlining the plan to succinctly demonstrate community values and goals while providing actionable implementation strategies.​​

The project includes:

  • Comprehensive Plan Diagnostic

  • Virtual Engagement Platforms

  • Online Survey, Virtual Open House 

  • In-Person Engagement - Community Workshops, Stakeholder Interviews

  • GIS Mapping & Analysis of Land Use, Transportation, and Community Resources

  • Specific Implementation Strategies 

The comprehensive plan was adopted in May 2021.

Your Northampton County 2040 Comprehensive Plan 

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