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  • Will Milone

City of Manassas Historic District Design Guidelines Update–Spanish Translation complete!

City of Manassas

In May 2023, the Berkley Group closed out the City of Manassas Historic District Design Guidelines Update by finishing the Spanish translation of the design guidelines. The City of Manassas adopted the English version of the Berkley Group’s Historic Overlay District Design Guidelines in April 2022, and just over a year later, the Berkley Group has submitted a final Spanish translation to the City of Manassas. The final translation includes a complete translation of all text, graphics, and photo captions, and includes printable and online versions with full embedded links. The final translation comes after many months of drafting, revision, and successful communication between the City of Manassas and the Berkley Group. Many thanks to Iris Jové, Catherine Redfearn, and Will Milone for their hard work on this project!


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