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King William County Public Schools Strategic Plan


The Berkley Group worked with King William County Public Schools (KWCPS) to develop its five-year strategic plan. Throughout an 8-month period, the Berkley Group facilitated the development process with a stakeholder team comprised of diverse staff, students, parents, community members, county, and elected officials. Through the engagement of these key stakeholders, the Berkley Group helped the division form a plan that focuses and articulates the school division’s mission, vision, core values, broad goals, performance objectives and indicators, and key strategies to guide implementation. While the plan was adopted in October 2023, the Berkley Group continues to work with KWCPS and their leadership team with plan implementation.

The project included:

  • Stakeholder and leadership staff work sessions.

  • Identified current and potential challenges facing the school division.

  • Defined and operationalized plan components.

  • Developed broad goals, measurable objectives, performance indicators, and actionable strategies to guide the implementation process.

  • Delivered final completed plan for facilitated adoption by the school board.


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