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"Plan to Stay" Comprehensive Plan

Richmond County

Richmond County – the Gateway to the Northern Neck of Virginia – has a unique identity connected to agriculture and the Rappahannock River. The focus of the Comprehensive Plan is to improve local quality of life, including community facilities and services; support a vibrant local economy while protecting the County’s rural nature; and ensure continued compliance with the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act. The Plan’s branding highlights the County’s defining feature – the river – and pays homage to the County’s motto, “A Place to Visit, A Place to Stay”.

The Berkley Group kicked off the project with Richmond County staff, touring the County and seeing firsthand the connection to the river, the rural and agricultural presence, and the unique communities throughout the County. The public workshop highlighted key themes for the plan, including river access, broadband availability, and housing. The workshop had a terrific turnout and showed the spirit and dedication of the Richmond County community. In addition to the workshop, a public survey was available online to gather more public input.

Alongside Richmond County staff, we worked with an appointed Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee to guide and facilitate the update. The Advisory Committee - comprised of members from the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Wetlands Board, and a representative from each District - met monthly to discuss plan themes, review draft chapters, provide feedback, and act as a direct liaison with the community. The Berkley Group also facilitated reviews by VDOT and DEQ along with the open house and public hearing process.

The final plan, adopted in November 2022, balances the existing context and actionable implementation strategies while streamlining information to succinctly demonstrate community values and goals. 

Richmond County Comprehensive Plan

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