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The Rural Planning Caucus: Where Planners Go to Learn, Work, and Play!

The Rural Planning Caucus (RPC) is one of our favorite conferences (#RPCVA2017). Drew and I have been going to it since before we started The Berkley Group and we have been Gold or Silver sponsors every year since we got started in 2010. The relationships we’ve built are as close to family as you can get in an industry. Planners can be crazy!

Our sponsorship has been well received each year, but I’m most proud of my time serving on the Executive Board since 2012 helping to make sure that CM credits could be earned by attendees to keep up their planning certifications (AICP), helping to revise the by-laws, making the organization a 501(c)(3), revamping sponsorship fees and benefits, rotating venues, providing scholarships, and many other initiatives with my fellow Board members. What a great collaborative effort it is to serve on the Board!

Unfortunately, this year was my last on the Board as our duties continue to expand with running The Berkley Group and its programs (including our new Executive Transition Assistance program). So, this year Drew and I attended as Silver Sponsors, no Board responsibilities (not that they were that burdensome!), and great sessions as always. Every year, planners from across the state learn from one another, as well as other professionals, about ethics, law, latest developments, and other topics pertinent to rural planners. The conference was at Berry Hill Conference Center & Resort which is a beautiful location in Southern Virginia (Halifax County). Next October 17-19th RPC will celebrate their 40th Anniversary at Mt. Lake Resort in Giles County, VA. We look forward to attending it for our 8th official year in business, and celebrating that milestone with some of the best folks you could want to call friends and colleagues!

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