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Staff Spotlight: Bart Nuckols

Bart Nuckols is a welcome addition to the Berkley Group team as an Executive Planner with 34 years of experience in planning and administration. His latest position was Planning Director in Southern Pines, North Carolina where he managed planning, code enforcement and building inspections. Bart also has significant regional transportation experience. He prides himself on being “consistent and fair”. He’s a great addition to our team and is looking forward to helping your community with his experience and expertise.

Get to know Bart:

How did you decide to work in planning and local government? I received my Degree in Public Administration from Ferrum College. Part of the curriculum was a 3/4 semester internship requirement. I was fortunate to intern with Prince Edward County government and Piedmont Planning District Commission 14 (PPDC 14). The exposure at the PDC led to my interest in the planning field.

What took you from Virginia to North Carolina? My internship with PPDC 14 led to my first job there as a community development planner. I moved to North Carolina 2 years later when I applied for the Town Planner Job in Southern Pines. I was fortunate to be promoted to Director a few years later and had a 31-year career there.

Was the work transition hard from VA to NC? Are the laws similar/different? I often joke that the only real difference between VA and NC is that in VA folks put their old cars up on blocks in the backyard; where, in NC we just put them in the front yard. LOL. In all seriousness, laws in VA and NC are very similar on enabling legislation for local government planning, although NC is a bit more prescriptive on public involvement at the local level.

What was your favorite part of the job? I like working with a team to accomplish the mission. I was fortunate enough to develop a first-class development team in Southern Pines with great people.

Is there a quote or motto you try to live by? Charles de Gaulle once stated, "The graveyards are full of indispensable men". The quote is a reminder that there is someone always waiting in the wings to take your place. Do something every day to show your value to the organization you are with.

What is your favorite book? My favorite book was the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Tolkien. I currently enjoy reading nonfiction history, specifically military history.

Do you have any hobbies? What do you do outside of work? I've been doing model aviation all my life with fixed wing RC aviation for the past 15 years. It was an opportunity to bond with my son who also loves aviation. Currently, I’m building a 1/4 scale P-40 to replicate my late father’s plane he flew in the states before heading to Europe in WW2.

Bart has been married to his college sweetheart, Nancy, for 34 years. They have one son who is currently a police officer with the NC General Assembly and a 1st Lieutenant in the Virginia Army National Guard. They are currently in-between golden retrievers but will rectify that soon.

Bart recently completed his first Berkley Group role as the interim Director of Planning for Essex County, VA. If you’re looking for executive transition assistance, contact Bart at

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