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Town of Warsaw Comprehensive Plan Adopted

The Berkley Group is pleased to announce the Town of Warsaw adopted a new Comprehensive Plan on October 12, 2023.

Located in the heart of the Northern Neck, Warsaw boasts small-town charm, quality of life, proximity to the Rappahannock Rover, and a vibrant Main Street. Focus areas of the plan include continuing to revitalize Main Street, preserving the rural and small town character, diversifying housing options, creating a sustainable economy, and improving transportation infrastructure for its residents. The plan is informed by a robust community engagement process including an online survey, public workshop, and joint work sessions with the Planning Commission and the Town Council.

The project includes:

  • Community Engagement - Online Survey, Community Workshops

  • Demographic Analysis

  • GIS Mapping & Analysis of Land Use, Transportation, and Community Resources

  • Chapter drafting and development

  • Specific Implementation Strategies

For the full comprehensive plan, please visit


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