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Updating the Town of Crewe Comprehensive Plan

The Berkley Group is excited to have recently started working with the Town of Crewe to update their Comprehensive Plan.

On May 11th, we had the opportunity to kick off the project with public officials and tour the town, taking in all that Crewe has to offer from its picturesque homes and historic downtown to its unique railroad museum.

In the past month, the Berkley Group has begun to engage with the local community and gather public input through a public workshop and a public survey. The in-person public workshop was a great opportunity for community members to share their opinions about the strengths, challenges, and opportunities of the Town. It was clear that the Town of Crewe has a unique history and strong foundation for future growth and prosperity.

The Town of Crewe is centered in rural Nottoway County where it is a tight-knit community with a unique historic and cultural identity. The history of Crewe is deeply tied to the railroad industry that dates to 1888 when the Norfolk & Western Railroad helped to establish the Town as a railroad hub serving as the halfway point between Norfolk and Roanoke. Today, the Town is no longer a major hub for railroad activity, but still maintains an identity closely tied to its roots as a railroad town. The Town’s vibrant past is evident in its charming downtown, historic architecture, and well-established neighborhoods.

Currently, the Town is in transition and seeking a new identity to sustain the community for generations to come. The focus of the Comprehensive Plan will be to improve the local quality of life and support a more vibrant local economy while also protecting the Town’s historic resources and cultural identity. The project includes a diagnostic of the existing Comprehensive Plan to ensure compliance with the Code of Virginia; coordination with VDOT to ensure Chapter 729 compliance; technical mapping and analysis to target development areas; and streamlining the plan to succinctly demonstrate community values and goals while providing actionable implementation strategies.

The Comprehensive Plan is currently under development and planned for adoption in June 2022. We’re looking forward to working with the Town to refine the Plan and begin drafting in the coming months.

For more information on the Crewe Comprehensive Plan, visit the Town of Crewe website.


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